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Sapphire Velvet Headwrap
Sapphire Velvet Headwrap
Sapphire Velvet Headwrap
Sapphire Velvet Headwrap
$ 45.00

Sapphire Velvet Headwrap

We’ve got cotton, silk, satin, and patent leather galore. And now, we’re introducing the next big thing you didn’t know you needed. Velvet. Why? Because we love to keep our Cuties ahead of the curve. We’ve got gorgeous lush and luxurious green wraps made from quality material by quality hands. The smooth cloth lets off a soft glow like a shining ember that is sure to have you looking like new found treasure. Something we love most about the New Money is how easy it is to work with! The velvet provides an added stretch making it very simple to create a variety of wrap designs. We found the secret material. The material that’s a perfect wrap for the beginner and the pro.

Handwash with light soap and hang to dry or dry clean.

Pair with the High Siditty Earrings

72 in x 17 in. All velvet. 

Headwraps are handmade and sizes may vary slightly. This is not pre-tied.

*** You may receive a different portion of the fabric.

Ships in 2 - 3 business days.

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