Nefertiti Shortie - Headwraps
Nefertiti Shortie - Headwraps
Nefertiti Shortie - Headwraps
$ 22.00

Nefertiti Shortie

Just like the name suggests, The Nefertiti Shortie is made for the Queen. Made with 100% cotton, this short-length wrap will keep your hair out of your face and looking beautiful all day long. You deserve to feel confident in any situation, whether at work or on a date night. We know that feeling because we’ve been there too! That's why we created our line of wraps just for women like us who need something quick and easy but still stylish. Now you can have both without sacrificing either one!

  • Made of all cotton
  • Main colors- Dark Green, Gold, and Red
  • Multiple styling possibilities 

Nefertiti Shorties are handmade and made from the same high-quality materials as our original wraps. They’re perfect for those days when your hair needs some TLC or if you just want to switch up your look. 

It's time to get yourself one today! Place your order NOW and revel in the beauty of this beautiful piece.

Our customer favorite now available as a shortie. ***Please note that you may receive a different cut of the fabric.

Wash cold with similar colors. Hang to dry. 

72 in x 11 in. All cotton.

Headwraps are handmade and sizes may vary slightly. You may receive another cut of the fabric. This is not pre-tied.

Ships in 2 - 3 business days.


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