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Shower Steamers
Shower Steamers
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Shower Steamers


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Our Shower Steamers 5 Pack offers the best quick spa-quality relaxation. We all want that spa room in our house and now you can have that feeling every time you take shower. Our aromatherapy shower steamers are so refreshing and rejuvenating, you will look forward to shower time everyday. And your bathroom will smell Ah-mazing! all day long.

Melt away your stress with our shower steamers made with pure essential oils. Our eucalyptus shower steamer with essential oils opens up sinuses and our lavender shower fizzy relaxes with aromatherapy.

P.S. It's the perfect shower bomb gift set for him or her. 

Our simple ingredients make the world of difference in your shower experience.! 

  • menthol crystals
  • coconut oil
  • baking soda
  • corn starch
  • citric acid (for fizz)
  • essential oil ( Citrus, Eucalyptus or Lavender)

How to use it

  1. Place 1 disk on the shower floor in the corner. 
  2. When the water hits it will start to fizz and release the wonderful aroma
  3. Breath Relax Repeat