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Hina Satin Headwrap - Headwraps

$ 36.00 USD

The Hina Satin Headwrap is a beautiful reversible green headwrap made out of authentic Japanese Brocade fabric. While not the same natural fiber as silk, satin is a polyester silk hybrid that’s smoothed and finely woven, replicating all the benefits of the sexy silk. Including but not limited to, healthier hairstyles, moisture retention, and the benefit of longer lasting styles, all while at a comfortable affordability. This wrap is a decadent forest green, sporting a lime green color on the reversal side. You truly get two headwraps in one with the Hina. If you’re feeling more grounded, you can use the deeper green. For days you’re feeling more bold, you can opt for the lime green. But no matter what side you choose, you’re always gonna slay!

Wash cold with similar colors. Dry Clean Only.
72 in x 22 in. Japanese Satin Brocade.

Headwraps are handmade and sizes may vary slightly.

Ships in 2 - 3 business days.