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Amina Headband

$ 15.00 USD

The primary colors can never do any wrong. And this headband just solidifies that statement. We took the simple red, blue, and yellow and gave it a twist, turning up the brightness on some colors, and muting others. This isn’t your normal color wheel. There’s hints of clear crisp white lines all throughout, giving a girl-next-door vibe. To accompany it is its contrasting counterpart are lines of black, making its way through the deep red. This headband would look amazing with our Ifedimma High Waist Pants! You can wear a blood red turtleneck to top your look off or you can spice the look up with a cute white off the shoulder top

Each headband features an elastic back for additional comfort.

Adult size: 25 inches with elastic

Kids size: 18 inches with elastic


Please note that you may receive a different cut of the fabric in your headband