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Jess Headband

$ 15.00 USD

The Jess headband will give you a fuller look in seconds. The knot offers style and firmer hold. This accessory consists of bold blue and orange colors with a combination of geometric, symmetry and rhythm ornaments. This headband can be styled with the knot in front, on the side or back of the head. Additionally, you can tuck extra fabric to create a less wide headband. To emphasize the orange in this design, wear our vibrant Oroma earrings and Starburst waist beads.

Not one to tie a headwrap? No problem. Your favorite prints are now available as headbands. Skip the tutorial and be ready to go out the door in seconds.

Each headband features an elastic back for additional comfort.

Adult size: 25 inches with elastic

Kids size: 18 inches with elastic