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Winter is Coming: Get Your Skin, Hair, & Wraps Ready!

Every year, winter comes around to ruin our summer glow, dry out our flourishing hair, and challenge our gorgeously styled wraps. Not this year! Cee Cee's Closet NYC, GIRL+HAIR, and Jacq's have teamed up to help you beat winter! Through three 30 minute workshops, self-care activities, and a chance to shop exclusive vendors, we'll have you twirling through winter this year! 

Event Schedule:

11:30-12:00pm (Positively Glowing Tickets)

Retain that summer glow with our skincare workshop lead by Barbara Jacques, clean beauty expert, and founder of premier skincare line, Jacq's

12:05 - 12:35pm (Positively Glowing Tickets)

Keep your hair flourishing with our haircare workshop lead by Dr. Camille Verovic, dermatology resident, hair care expert, and founder of top haircare line, GIRL+HAIR

12:40 - 1:05pm (Positively Glowing Tickets)

Get your wraps right with Chioma Ngwudo your guide for all things headwraps and founder of luxury headwrap brand Cee Cee's Closet NYC

1:05 - 4:30pm (All Tickets)

Self-care activities, bar access, and access to the exclusive vendor selection

Manifesting Happiness Ticket include:

  • Access to exclusive vendors
  • Access to photo booths
  • Free Access to self-care activities including:
  1. Personalized Face Mask l Mix
  2. Personalized Body Scrub Station
  3. Personalized Hair Mask Mix

Positively Glowing Tickets include:

  • Manifest Happiness Ticket Benefits
  • Access to Workshops

Get 50% off tickets with the code TEAMCEECEE until Oct 15/ while supplies last!