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Lumusi Headband

$ 15.00 USD

The kente design is one that truly never gets old. In this headband, we took the beloved pattern and gave it that Cee Cee’s flare. This piece institutes a myriad of colors. From yellows, to greens, blues, and reds, we know how to take the unexpected colors and make them look as though they always belonged together. Because of all the colors, the options are limitless when it comes to how to put this headwrap together. We would recommend going for a funky vibe and pairing this with some green high waisted pants and a simple plain colored shirt. If you want to make this look even more badass, add our Oku earrings or our Odinani earrings to the look!

Each headband features an elastic back for additional comfort.

Adult size: 25 inches with elastic

Kids size: 18 inches with elastic 

Please note that you may receive a different cut of the fabric in your headband