Nebulina Raw Silk Headwrap

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If we could describe the Nebulina in three words, we would say: iridescent, extravagant, and playful. This multi-colored gem was made for the multifaceted Cuties. Nebulina will be there for you when you’re feeling soft, when you’re feeling extroverted, when you just want to stroll around town with your own company, and when you want to host the party of a lifetime. While this wrap won’t fail you and your many vibes, it also will never fail your hair. This 100% raw silk material will never fail in protecting your hair from dryness, split ends, fairy knots, and frizz. Nebulina will be there for you and your many phases, but this gorgeous wrap will never switch up on you.

Protecting your hair can feel like a full time job, but it doesn’t have to be. With Cee Cee’s Closet Select Collection, we bring our customers luxury, with a peace of mind. Introducing 100% silk — a breathable, lighter, healthier material for your hair. Enjoy longer lasting styles and saving money, all while knowing your hair is being protected from drying, split ends, and thinning. Our silk stays cool during your day and doesn’t heat up or get warm, giving you softness and comfort.

Dimensions: 72 inches x 18 inches

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