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Rose Gold Satin Headwrap - Headwraps

$ 38.00 USD

Who doesn’t love a good soft pink? Y’all already know Cee Cee’s does. We took this gorgeous soft mauve pink color and put it on a headwrap for you, Cuties. There’s so much to love about this wrap from it’s girly vibe to it’s subtle glittery undertones. The soft fabric combined with the manageability combined with that stunning fun color makes this the perfect headwrap for beginners and the must have headwrap for the pro-wrapper. If you find yourself needing some inspiration with this look or want to know some beginner friendly styles, you can head over to our Instagram IGTV sessions for quick and easy tutorials. 


While not the same natural fiber as silk, satin is a polyester silk hybrid that’s smoothed and finely woven, replicating all the benefits of the sexy silk. Including but not limited to, healthier hairstyles, moisture retention, and the benefit of longer lasting styles, all while at a comfortable affordability. Great for low porosity hair, satin can get warm, a plus for you when you have an unexpected errand during your deep condition. 

Dimensions: 72 by 18 inches

Polyester Satin