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Silk Lined Beginner Bundle

$ 65.00 USD

Just starting out on your Team Cee Cee Journey? We've got just the bundle for you! So many of our customers love our silk lined headwraps, shorties, or both but when they started, they didn't know which product they would love and use the most. We've got four of our gorgeous wraps at a great price so you can try them both! This bundles make the perfect gift for new wrap queen in your life (even if that wrap queen is you!)! 

Click the links below to see more of photos of each print! 


Cool Silk Lined Beginner Bundle: 

Xandria Silk Lined Headwrap

Amina Silk Lined Shortie

Warm Silk Lined Beginner Bundle: 

Selah Silk Lined Headwrap

Nina Silk Lined Shortie


Wraps are not pre-tied