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What the Heck is a Shortie?

Many people have been asking us, "What is a shortie?" Well the answer is quite simple. Spring and summer are great for headband styles that don't require full coverage. Shorties are headwraps that provide less coverage than your traditional full size headwraps. We're cognizant of the fact that people's heads come in various sizes and sometimes you may want to grab a headwrap for your little ones. Therefore, we came up with shorties. 

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3 Ways to Style Our Cropped Tops

1) Totally Tulle Crop Top Style 1 by ceeceesclosetnyc featuring a midi skirt Who says you cannot feel like a queen in a t-shirt? Pair your crop top with a tulle skirt for a classy outfit that never goes out of style. 2) Casual Slay Crop Top Style 3 by ceeceesclosetnyc featuring a leather belt Sometimes you just want to be comfortable in jeans and a cropped top. Add a designer belt to dress up this look. 3) Haute Stuff Crop Top Style 2 by ceeceesclosetnyc featuring ray ban sunglasses   Ok you need a look to go from day to nigh because who has time for wardrobe changes. Don't worry. Elevate your style with these yellow wide-leg pants and...

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It's Festival Season

1) On the Fringe Festival season provides an opportunity to give an easy, breezy, comfortable look. We recommend wearing crochet tops and fringed accessories. 2) Bad Girl Some of us want the world  to know just how bad we are.  We workout until we burnout week after week and the summer allows us to show it off. Put those buns on display with a pair of denim shorts and open-toe booties.

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Freshen Up Your Spring Wardrobe

1) A Brunch Look We all have that friend who makes looking effortlessly chic seem so easy. Do not fret. This Spring you could also look chic with ease. The Destiny envelope clutch makes a bold statement so you don't have to. Just slide into the scene with your slip-on dress and chunky heels for a highly controlled slay. <a href="" target="_blank">Buy Destiny Clutch</a> 2) Picnic Date Look  So cuffing season is over and you've still managed to snag a potential bae. A picnic date is a perfectly romantic way to get to know someone without adding too much wardrobe pressure.  The flats paired with jeans work well for an east getaway if things go left. Just kidding. The combination...

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Valentine Slay for Bae

Valentine's Day is coming up. So, we came up with a list of 5 things to wear when you take bae to Red Lobster. 1) The Dusk in Nnobi Handbag 2) The Signature Clutch 3) Lady in Red Clutch 4) The Amaka iPad Case 5) Afotan Mini Clutch

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