Body Care

Your body is your home. It carries you throughout your day. It forgives you when you push it too hard, criticize it too harshly, or treat it unfairly. So why not say, “thank you” to your body by taking some time to pamper it? 

Our Body Care Collection features a number of luxurious treats to show your body just how much you appreciate it. From our premium African Exfoliating Net that will have you feeling as smooth as a newborn to our creamy body butter perfect for moisturizing and protecting your skin. 

Also available are scrubs, body oil, and bath bombs all handmade and designed to leave your body feeling pristine. Consider saving with one of our lavish Body Care Bundles. Or allow us to wrap any gift items in elegant wrapping paper. 

When was the last time you thanked your body for everything it does for you?

Body Care
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