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4 Headwraps You Need To Add To Cart Now

Posted by Uchenna Ngwudo on

Headwraps are working double duty! The wrap is a spirited accessory that's also a perfect way to protect your curls.The style’s rich history has origins in sub-Saharan Africa, where headwraps were worn as protection from the heat and sun, as well as to indicate information such as age and marital status. With a continued powerful cultural significance, the headwrap is a vital and expressive accessory, with empowering benefits. A secure wrap protects against tangling, breakage, and frizz by shielding hair from friction throughout the night, and contains the hair’s natural oils, allowing them to be distributed along the hair shaft and act as a nourishing conditioner. The wrap itself is a beloved style, with variations including bows, knots, and patterns. Preserve well loved braids, embrace immaculate curls, and serve looks when you wrap it up!

The Bamiola Silk Lined Headwrap comes in a valiant green, perfect for making you feel just like a queen, wherever you’re headed. While a silk lining safeguards your hair, protecting its shape and texture, the outer cotton surface is self deodorizing and anti-static, so there’s just no risk of instigating a frizz fest. Embrace everything that comes your way with confidence and ease when you wear a style that’s so upbeat.


The Gold Coast Headwrap is an Afrocentric style, featuring a vivid pattern, and a gorgeous red trim. It’s size provides full coverage and comfort, allowing it to effortlessly tie into knotted, bun, or turban styles. Radiant notes of yellow are buoyant, cheerful, and undeniably optimistic. It’s bright, bold, and bound to make you feel unstoppable.


Introducing the Nebulina– the gleaming and lustrous wrap that takes you from morning to night, while keeping frizz and knots far, far away. The luxurious, amethyst-esque color adds a royal elegance to any outfit, and the raw silk prevents dryness, breakage, and split ends, all while keeping you cool. The serene silk cradles your hair in a gentle, moisture-preserving barrier, while shimmering with a beautiful brilliance.


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more luxe– meet the Rudolph Red Velvet Headwrap. Take this perfect accessory to your evening event, or wear while you restore your resplendent spirit with a self care routine. It’s opulent red hue is effortlessly sophisticated and the plush, smooth velvet has a gentle drap that carefully encases your curls, giving you an undeniably elegant look.

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