5 Benefits of Almond Oil for Your Skin

5 Benefits of Almond Oil for Your Skin

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If you’re wondering what all the buzz is about, learn five benefits of almond oil for your skin.  

Rich in fatty acids, zinc, vitamins A and E, almond oil is loaded with the necessities to maintain a healthy and glowing appearance. And it’s hypoallergenic and mild properties make it a powerful health agent for a variety of skin types. All natural and nourishing, this essential oil is a perfect element to keep your skin at its most lovely.  

When adding almond oil into your beauty routine, quality is of the utmost and is determined by extraction method. Because queens deserve the best, the premium combination is sweet and cold pressed almond oil.   Sweet almond oil is perfect for skin as it is made from nuts fallen directly from a tree containing all of the goodness and no poisonous substances. Almond oil is squeezed from it’s nut form through extreme pressure.  Cold pressing is the best way to retain the oil’s rich proteins as they reduce when exposed to heat.  Anti inflammatory and full of antioxidant and amino acids that helps keep collagen strong, almond oil is a welcomed beauty trend.  

Discover what almond oil can do for your skin and a soothing way to make it part of your everyday below.  

1. Keep your skin nourished 

No matter your shade, glowing skin is always in. Almond oil’s rich nutrients help prevent the loss of your body’s natural oil. Properties such as vitamin A help promote growth of new skin cells  for a firm and vital look.  

2. Use almond oil to treat skin inflammation 

Almond oil has proven as an effective ingredient in combating skin maladies such as psoriasis and eczema.   Rich in vitamin D, the nutrients provide relief and nourishment for itchy and dry skin.  

3. Improve complexion

Did you have a battle with acne and have the scars to prove it?  Almond oil can help with that.  The mixture contains a natural retinol which is best for reducing dark marks and revitalizing scar tissue.  

4. Use as a natural sun protection 

Rich in zinc, almond oil is a fantastic shield against the environment.  High in antioxidants of magnesium, copper and with the tremendous potency of Vitamin E, almond oil helps reduce signs of aging brought on by sun exposure. 

5. Reduce stretch marks 

By now you know almond oil is great at fading scars.  In addition it helps to soften the skin and provide greater elasticity, which helps reduce the tension of a growing body. In other words, it helps your skin stretch with less effort as you make room for baby and hence leaves less marks. 

How to add almond oil to your routine


Whether you’re treating a specific skin condition or leveling up your self-care:

Start by basking in the aromas of lavender or lemongrass as you nourish your skin with our luxurious Square Bath Bombs.  Made with a speciality sweet Jamaican almond oil that is derived from nuts cracked by hand, washed in spring water and cold pressed. 

Then, wipe the day away with our African Exfoliating Net and Sugar Body Scrub enhanced with almond and avocado oils to reveal a lively and refreshed new you.  

Finish with a personal massage with our soothing Body Butter.  The silky and hydrating formula is packed with coconut oil and shea butter to give your skin the moisture it craves all year round. 

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