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Four Earring and Headwrap Pairings you Have to Try

Posted by Sable Massingill on

Our headwraps stand out from the crowd, with unique patterns, and in solid colors, each one is handmade with love in Nigeria. Every individual headwrap is a look in itself, but if you want to kick it up a notch, we have some favorite earrings to pair with your headwraps for an even more dramatic look! 

The Bota Earrings - These gold and square shaped dangle earrings have a spotted and neutral pattern that looks perfect paired with the Maalu headwrap. The neutral brown and pale pink really pop against the vibrant turquoise and gold shell pattern. 

The Charmaine Earrings – These multi-colored beaded hoops go with everything! From your most patterned headwraps to basic black or other solid colored ones. 

The Fanaka Earrings – Beaded, beautiful flower earrings available with or without fringe, these pair perfectly with any patterned wrap. We especially love it with the Naya Velvet headwrap. It really makes a statement! 

Gold earrings and a silk champagne headwrap – say no more. This is a flattering combo you’ll never want to take off, no matter the season or your outfit. Our gold Bara Earrings (also available in silver) are a simple yet stylish unique minimal design that really pop against any color headwrap, but especially champagne. 

You really can’t go wrong with any of our earrings and headwraps, so pick and choose what’s best for you! The options are endless. 

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