Square Twill Silk Scarf

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Pattern Zahara

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Introducing our African-inspired Square Twill Silk Scarf, a stylish masterpiece. Immerse yourself in the captivating charm of a custom African-inspired print, a vibrant symphony of colors and symbolic motifs that pays homage to rich traditions. Designed with inclusivity in mind, this generously sized scarf is perfect for women of all sizes, offering endless possibilities for styling as a chic headwrap or a stunning scarf top.

Enhance your poolside glam with this luxurious accessory, effortlessly elevating your look with its lightweight and breathable silk fabric. Transition seamlessly to a night out, as this scarf transforms into a glamorous and eye-catching scarf top, adding a touch of vibrant sophistication to your ensemble.

Embrace daytime chic by incorporating this scarf into your everyday attire, instantly adding a layer of elegance to your look. The smooth twill silk ensures comfort, while the African-inspired print brings an element of cultural richness to your style. From the poolside to a night on the town, this Square Twill Silk Scarf is the epitome of versatility, promising a bold and beautiful statement wherever you go. Celebrate diversity, embrace tradition, and make every moment extraordinary with this stunning accessory.


100% Silk Twill 


43 x 43 in

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