Tumaini Bonnet

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No matter what your hair type or style, your hair needs protection from the rough abrasive surfaces of your cotton and linen sheets.

Take your hair from frizzy and fed up, to long lasting moisturized styles with our satin lined print bonnets.

Your hair will thank you, and you’ll thank us when you wake up and your bonnet is still on 😉

This is for all of my ladies who’ve woken up with their bonnet on the other side of the bed and want a stylish protection that lasts all night long, add this to cart and look forward to many good hair days ahead!

Benefits of Bonnets: 

1) Helps your hair retain Moisture⁣

2) Keep hair products off your pillow (helping keep your skin clear and your expensive hair hair products where they belong!)⁣

3) Reduces Frizz (nothing worse than a twist out that only lasts 1 day😭)⁣

4) Prevents breakage, thinning and split ends (no more rubbing against those rough cotton sheets) ⁣

5) Creates the perfect environment for healthy hair growth (less breakage = longer hair) ⁣

Large circular bonnet made with authentic African print and poly-silk lining.

Portion of fabric recieved may vary

Ships in 2-3 business days 

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