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3 Bonnets You’ll be Tempted to Wear Outside

Posted by Uchenna Ngwudo on

By Maggie Levine

Bonnets are a staple item, and now with our unique and distinct patterns and colors, you might be tempted to rock them in places other than your bedroom. 


Did you have to rush out the door this morning and not have time to do your hair routine? Was your hair not cooperating and you gave up (we’ve all been there)? Or do you just want to accessorize and make your look 10 times better with one easy item? Regardless of the reason, these three bonnets are sure to spice up any outfit - you’ll be sorry you didn’t purchase them sooner!


The Braima Bonnet

The Braima Bonnet, featuring neon green, pastel pink, navy blue, and lavender, is sure to catch one’s eye while walking down the street, or just about anywhere. The intricate pattern - a combination of thin and thick colorful lines - paired with the neon green abstract detail is distinct and can enhance any outfit. Blue jeans and a plain tee, check! A solid colored dress with some dazzling jewelry, check! A pastel blouse with a pencil skirt, check! The possibilities are endless. 

The Euka Bonnet

Nothing says I’m ready to take on the world like bright colors do. With the eye-catching combination of blues, oranges, white, and black, the Euka Bonnet will make you feel like the confident and beautiful person you were made to be. If you seek a bonnet consisting of hues that mesh well together and stand out while also not being too over the top and overdone, this is the one for you. You will be sure to attract looks while walking down Broadway, while taking the Subway, and while grabbing a bite to eat - all for the right reasons, of course. 

The Jira Bonnet

The Jira Bonnet was made to be a head turner, just take a minute to look at it. No, really, we’re counting… Nothing screams summer better than the combination of loud red and bright yellow, two colors that subtly mesh well together. This bonnet is casual and chill, but can still amplify your look in two easy steps: 1. Put it on. 2. Walk out the door. If the red and black abstract design doesn’t convince you to purchase this bonnet, we don’t know what will. Maybe the way the yellow and black sections politely intersect the rest of the bonnet will. Regardless, you would be making a huge mistake not buying this bonnet.

The best part about wearing any of these bonnets is that you will receive an endless shower of compliments. Everyone will ask you where you got them from, and you’ll just look at them and say, “Cee Cee’s closet, check them out online. You can look as effortless as me.”


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