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4 Silk Lined Headwraps You Should Add to Your Cart Now

Posted by Uchenna Ngwudo on

By Maggie Levine

There are a great deal of benefits to wearing silk lined headwear for your hair, including less breakage and tangles, moisture retainment, shinier hair, longer lasting hairstyles, healthier hair, and more. Our main goal is to bring out the best in your hair, and the sleekness of the silk does just that. With a different material such as cotton, it absorbs the moisture from your hair leaving it dull looking and dry. Here at Cee Cee’s Closet, our Silk Lined Headwraps are not only cute, colorful, and unique, but they serve a purpose for the greater good of your hair. 


The Eniola Silk Lined Headwrap

The Eniola Headwrap, composed of blue, red, yellow, green, and more is definitely a statement piece. The colors work well together without overpowering each other, while still drawing attention to the top of your head (the good kind, of course). This headwrap can be styled with just about anything since it is composed of striking hues, and a bold makeup look combined with shiny jewelry would take this look to the next level. 


The Ayaba Silk Lined Headwrap

The Ayaba Headwrap is nothing short of regal. What more can we say? When wearing this, you are guaranteed to feel like royalty; the colors, including gold, red, and navy blue are elegant and eye-catching. Although there is not as much craziness going on as there is with the Eniola headwrap, the colors compliment each other and prove that even a simple design can be beautiful. Paired with gold jewelery and a solid color outfit, you will be sure to get many compliments on the street. And the best part? It advocates for healthy hair!


Jira Silk Lined Headwrap

The Jira Headwrap is classically beautiful, just take a look and see! The deep red color compliments any skin tone, fair to dark, and is sure to bring out the best in your facial features. With this headwrap, “boring” is a word of the past -- every outfit paired with it will be fierce and sexy. The small areas of yellow definitely stand out (in the best way possible) and add yet another thing to draw people in. People should be thanking you for wearing this wrap (you just blessed their eyes), and you will be thanking the silk for keeping your hair smooth and shiny all day.


Itura Silk Liked Headwrap

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Itura Headwrap, sophisticated and all. The black in the base, simple yet everything, mixed with the yellow, orange, and green show that you are courageous and not afraid to mix colors. The black gives this headwrap a dark and luxurious feel, while the brighter colors make it feel more summery and casual. Every aspect of this headwrap is gorgeous, and is definitely able to match with any outfit you desire. We love it, and hope you do too!


Aside from the apparent fact that all of these headwraps are unique and bring different things to the table, it is proven that silk is good for your hair, so why not be stylish and proactive?! Each headwrap has a distinct vibe, so you will find the perfect one to match your aesthetic 100000%. 

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