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5 Times Our Customers Showed Out

Posted by Uchenna Ngwudo on

By Maggie Levine

At Cee Cee’s Closet, we love and live to see our customers slaying our products and adding their own personal touches. Individuality is key! You might style one of our dresses differently from your sista, and that’s what makes expression through clothing such a wonderful and beautiful thing. We all take our own approach to making the street our runway. 






Radha Blank, also known as @rahamusprime on the ‘gram, took our Venus Headwrap to the next level in this snapshot from Instagram. The headwrap itself is glorious in it’s own way, but our jaws have been on the floor since we first saw this photo, and it doesn’t look like we will recover any time soon. Let’s take a moment to dissect. The beautiful green tassel earrings catch your eye, as they are the center of this photo, but the jewelry and shirt she paired this headwrap with tells us one thing: this girl can dress! Everything about this photo is beautiful, dazzling, showstopping, elegant- let me stop myself because I could go on for days.




Next up we have @azoomah wearing the Akia Three Knot Crop Top. Sorry, not wearing, ROCKING. Everything about this look says confident queen. The best part about this top is that there is so much going on, yet it’s not too much to handle--every shape and every color works well together. We love how she paired the top with big hoop earrings, they are a MUST in everyone’s jewelry collection (you’re welcome in advance). And what better way to style a colorful top than with plain black jean shorts. She is doing it right! 




Now we have the glamorous @ouidoux slaying the Dreka Layered Crop Top, and all we have to say is: Is it getting hot in here? Her beautiful skin tone makes the colors on this top POP, and I think we can all agree that her classic red lipstick amps up the heat in this look. When she said she felt like a Nigerian Princess in this top, she meant every word of it. Sis even found an alternate way of wearing it. What more could we ask for?


Here we have the beautiful, graceful @linadarrisaw wearing our Seborah Draw String Bandeau. We love a well put together queen, and she is just that. The yellow flowers in the top paired with the yellow pants is so subtle, yet it ties into the whole look almost effortlessly. This whole outfit is so simple, so perfect--it’s everything. You’re killing it Sis, and by the way, purple is DEFINITELY your color!




Last, but certainly, certainly, not least, we have @livenaturallylove rocking this beautiful bright Jabrila set. Everything about this look screams summer; from the oranges, pinks, and white, to the flowy, effortless look. The gold accent jewelry adds so much to the vibe, without doing much at all. We have come to a consensus that everyone should buy this because we all want to look as good as her and feel as confident as she must feel in this fit. Period. 


There truly is nothing better than 5 Queens rocking 5 unique outfits, I could cry. You better work it, ladies!

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