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5 Outfits to Wear to the Best Afrobeats Festival

Posted by Uchenna Ngwudo on

By Maggie Levine

As we come out of quarantine, we get to do the things we’ve longed to do for over a year and a half -- things like going to the movies, restaurants, concerts, and festivals. Of all the Afrobeats Festivals, our all time favorite, and the best one, is the Into the Riddim Festival. When attending a festival, it is extremely important to have fun, look good, and dance like nobody's watching, and with these Cee Cee’s Closet outfits, you will feel confident and beautiful from the moment you put it on and step into the festival, to the moment you get home after the long day.

Kyla Caftan

The Kyla Caftan is a great way to stand out from the crowd while also not showing too much skin. We all fear wardrobe malfunctions in public, so when wearing this Caftan, you’ll definitely be covered but still look cute and feminine. The colors and patterns are almost breathtaking -- there’s a lot going on, and that will cause more eyes to be drawn to you in a great way. You’ll just be the best dressed at the festival… duh! 

Gania Bralette and Shorts

Shorts and Bralette in the blue gania print

Taking a complete turn from the Kyla Caftan, the Gania Bralette and Shorts are amazing for our confident queens who aren’t afraid to show some skin. This set will make you look very put together, and people will think you put a lot of effort into it, but leave the effort to us! The royal blue base mixed with yellow and white details make the whole look come together, and the colors are sure to bring out your facial features and any bold makeup you chose to do.

Mosi Bralette and Pants

Byrgundy disc print pant and bralette

The Mosi Bralette and Pants duo are an ideal outfit for a festival. It’s the perfect combination of sophisticated and sexy, and you will be sure to catch many eyes while wearing these together. We love the colors because they work so well together -- they don’t overpower each other or clash at all. The darkness of the maroon mixed with the baby blue shows that lights and darks can be a perfect match. Don’t take our word for it; try it for yourself!

Omi Romper

Blue orange and white romper

The only word to describe the Omi Romper is ICONIC. The arrangement of colors, the pattern, the zipper, the slit in the back, everything about it, makes this romper a true statement piece. The fact that there is just one article of clothing that you put on to look this ravishing is mind blowing, but we’re here to tell you that it’s so easy to look this good. A word of advice: purchase this romper -- you won’t regret it.

Morowa Puff Sleeve Crop Top

The Morowa Puff Sleeve Crop Top has a pattern that is unbeatable. It really doesn’t get better than this! The colors work hand in hand to deliver a beautiful, jaw dropping, spectacle of colors that you can’t find anywhere else. The only downside to wearing this top at a festival is that it might distract the people around you from what is going on in front of them. 


So… yeah. The clothing speaks for itself. Happy purchasing!



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