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Cee Cee’s Holiday Gift Guide #2

Posted by Sable Massingill on

We’re back with more holiday gift ideas for all you last minute shoppers, or those looking for extra add-ons. This year many of us are separated from family and friends that we would usually be with during this time. While it doesn’t replace spending time celebrating together, sending small and thoughtful gifts can help you to feel connected, no matter the distance. Below are some simple ideas to send to whoever you may be missing this year: 

Nothing says 2020, like gifting fashionable face masks! We have many options available for our ladies, but we didn’t forget the men in your life, either! We have curated unique gift sets of face masks for men

You can never go wrong with earrings. Our multicolored beaded Rainbow earrings are sure to put a smile on anyways face, and every time they wear them they will think of you! 

A card may seem like a small gesture, but it can really make a big impact, sent with or without another gift. We have gorgeous and unique greeting cards featuring art by Tijay of Adinkra African Art to send heartfelt messages to those near and far. 

We are here to take the guesswork out of gifting and have already curated some gift sets. For every set we’ve put together click HERE. And, if you’re still unsure- don’t worry, give the gift of a Cee Cee’s gift card and your giftee can purchase whatever they want, whenever they want! 

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