Create a Vision Board

Create a Vision Board

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Ready, set,’s time to create a vision board for 2021.

You’ve probably heard the term “vision board” more than once, from your favorite blogger to your social feeds.  Also referred to as dream and action boards, they’re a visual representation of what you want to achieve.  

More than woo woo posters covered in glitter, there’s actual science behind how they help people to meet their goals.  Whether you believe in the law of attraction or not, vision boards are a fun way to clarify your goals and desires. Where do you want to be a year from now? A vision board can help you figure that out.

We know, 2020 was rough.  Release the past and create a brighter future with a dream board that says you all over.   

Learn how to create your vision board for 2021 below!

Start by getting dressed!

You’re creating your fabulous life, why not start by dressing for the occasion.  Whether it’s a beautiful Mremneisha jumpsuit or a glam Green Bambina bonnet to level up your silky pjs, wear something that makes you feel like the powerful woman you are.  

Next, prepare your space.

Give yourself ample time and space and set the mood to manifestation.  This means turning off the TV and social media and tuning into relaxing music and scented candles.  

Then, gather your tools. 

The basic items you’ll need to create your vision board are a pen and paper, a poster for your background, objects and old magazines, a printer if you’re sourcing images from the web, highlighters, tape, scissors and glue.  

Follow up with meditation or journaling.  

A great way to focus your goals for 2021 is start with a clear mind.  Embrace the now with a quick meditation or free writing session to discard any mental clutter.  

Next, write down your goals.  

What do you want personally and professionally this year? It could be anything from boosting your business to recreating your wardrobe. It’s all about you.   

Finally, have fun placing images on your vision board.

If you’re like us, you’re leveling up your queendom, so fashionable home decor is a must.  Be sure to add mantras, inspirational quotes and messages to keep you motivated as you turn your vision into reality. 

Most importantly in this process is to have your vision board handy. To keep your intentions alive through the year, you’ll want to place your board where you can see it or easily access it.   Create a sacred space above your desk or by your bed to view it daily.  

Shed the past as you jumpstart your day with inspiration and make your wishes a reality with a vision board for 2021

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