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Posted on January 13 2021


Every third Monday in January we honor the contributions of the esteemed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and 2021 is no different. While the usual festivals and collective activities are off the calendar, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate the legacy of the great leader.   

As 2020 served us a global awakening to the continued struggle for racial equality, it seems ever more important to honor the legacy of activist pioneers this year.

See how you can engage your spirit and pay homage to progress on MLK Day 2021. 

Volunteer your time. 

MLK Day is a NYC registered day of service.  Pay an impactful tribute to the leader by offering your time to public duty.  Discover volunteer opportunities from helping your local neighbor to the environment. NYC provides plenty of options for you to use your skills and play a role in continuing a legacy of service.

Donate goods to the New York State Dr. King food drive.  

Poverty was one of many systems the revered sought to abolish. With over one million city dwellers unable to afford food, there are a lot of mouths to feed. Clear your pandemic stocked pantry and put food in the bellies of your fellow New Yorker’s through the month long NYS food drive.

Celebrate Dr. King and support black-owned businesses. 

Dr. King’s campaign for racial equality was also a fight for economic empowerment. As the black dollar was instrumental in the development of civil rights in the 60s, it is as ever poignant today.  Whether it’s a new addition from your beloved Cee Cee's Closet or any of your favorite NYC brands, your support helps black owned businesses thrive. 

Educate yourself on the Reverend's life, dreams and exemplary teachings.  

Celebrate the legacy of Dr. King by spending the day absorbing his principles and vision.  As one of the most brilliant orators of contemporary times, any one of Dr. King’s sermons, speeches available online will inspire you to action.  Take MLK day to learn more about the Civil Rights Movement by watching the Eyes On The Prize documentary.  

Get your praise on at a virtual event.  

Two of the holiday’s most celebrated in person events go virtual this year.  Soak up poetry, performance and discussion at BAM’s online edition of their 35th annual tribute to Martin Luther King. Or get in tune as you listen to the acclaimed Harlem Gospel Choir belt out beautiful melodies in honor of the late icon. 

Most importantly to celebrate MLK Day this year is to show kindness, compassion and love for your neighbor, not just on your day off, but everyday.  

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