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Planning the Ultimate Galentine's Day

Posted by Naya Stone on


If you need help planning your ultimate Galentine’s day, we’re here for you!  

What started as an episode of Parks and Recreation has now turned into an annual mainstay where we women celebrate our friendships and bonds.  And, we’re all about it! Although this year may not include the typical festivities, there are plenty of ways to still keep the spirit of the holiday on tilt.  Because, ladies celebrate ladies, by any means necessary.   

Whether you’re gathering with your inner circle in person or from a distance, let Cee Cee help you be this year's Galentine’s day goddess.  

Prepare invitations

A good place to start is by creating personalized digital invites that build excitement and help your crew prepare for the especial vent. And yes, you can go crazy with lots of pink and hearts and all the things that make your girls smile. Just be sure to keep the details large and visible for you know who.  

Create your menu 

It’s a day for you and your squad to indulge in a three course meal of your beloved dishes, guilt free. You can take a cue from Leslie Knope and go hard with a beautiful brunch spread complete with waffles and frittatas.  Or create your own ambiance with candlelight and your signature selection.  But of course, what’s any menu without cocktails?  Whether it’s mimosa’s or a personal brew, a toast to friendship is a must have for any galentine's day affair. 

 Decide on your activities

When planning the ultimate galentine's day, you want to keep the fun on ten with high vibe activities. Low on ideas?  How about a day of pampering and story swapping with nourishing facials at your headwrap themed “tea” party.  Or, connect over dreams and build with your boss lady tribe with a group vision board session. Besides, there’s always getting glam and sipping cocktails for a Parks and Rec’s binge to fall on.  

Have great gifts

While presents aren’t the only way to display your love, they certainly don’t hurt.  And when it comes to showing your girls what they mean to you, there’s no such thing as too much.  Celebrate your soul sisterhood with matching cowre shell earrings or golden girl waist beads.  Or go extra with something specific to each lady’s uniqueness with a thoughtful gift set or luxe bundle

For the ultimate Galentine’s day, remember the playlist complete with your squad’s soundtrack. Because, if you’ve done your job, there-will-be-dancing.  Lastly, if you’re sticking with the tradition, don’t forget your 5,000 word essay of love for all your gals.  However, a simple “I love the way you slay” will also do.  

Happy Galentine’s day!   

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