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Quarantine Style Guide: Kitalla Sweetheart Ruffle Dress

Posted by Sable Massingill on

A lot has changed in our world over the past few months. We’ve been inside more than ever, and you’ve likely made great friends with your leggings, t-shirts and sweatpants. Working, dining, socializing and doing it all from home can leave you asking what day is it, again? Switching it up with your clothing, and continuing to dress up can be one of the best ways to differentiate your days, and can also be a mood booster

So, don’t let quarantine and social distancing slow down your style. Our Kitalla Sweetheart Ruffle dress is to the rescue. Just as comfortable as PJs, but triple the style, this dress is 100% cotton, so it’s breathable, lightweight and functional. It’s the perfect dress for some quarantine friendly Summer activities. 

Here are a few ways you can wear one of our favorite dresses while still keeping your space:

Step Outside: Take a stroll, walk your dog, enjoy your surroundings. Take the headphones out and take in the sounds of your city, street, or wherever you’re sheltering in place. Have a staycation in your own city. Just don’t forget your face mask (might we add, our Manasa mask pairs well with this look, and many other styles), and expect to stop for a lot of compliments wherever you go in this dress. 

Schedule Some Calls: And not the work kind. Utilize Zoom and FaceTime to reconnect with friends and family and make it a party. Dress up,do your hair and makeup, and it can feel just like you’re getting ready to meet up face-to-face. Pop open that nice bottle of champagne that you’ve been saving or make your signature dinner dish. It’s a date, and you have the perfect dress. 

Plan a Picnic: The Kitalla dress was made for sunny picnics in the park. Pack a basket with some wine, water, fruit, whatever is on the menu. Don’t forget to snap a pic of your spread, and the dress! This print photographs gorgeously under the sunlight, with a seasonless print that will take you from Summer into Fall and beyond. 

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