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Why Waist Beads?

Posted by Sable Massingill on

Waist beads have a centuries long history in Africa, and are now becoming more mainstream here in the states, and throughout the world. These strings of glass beads, worn around the waist and hips, have been used as a symbol of femininity, the power of womanhood and even fertility. For more information on the colorful history and meaning behind the beads check out our post here.

Our authentic African waist beads come in a variety of gorgeous colors and sizes. But, not only are they fun and pretty, waist beads are a way to mindfully keep track of your weight and be conscious of changes in your body. As they become a physical extension of your body, waist beads are a great way and reminder to love yourself where you are, no matter your size. They can also keep you mindful of your posture, serving as a reminder to sit up straight and take deep breaths (which becomes easier the better your posture is). Good posture also equals less back and neck pain, fewer headaches, better digestion, and can boost your mood and productivity, according to Mayo Clinic. As your posture, the way you sit and even the amount of deep breaths you take changes throughout the day, the waist beads will shift and feel slightly different, alerting you of these small details.  

It may sound simple, but day to day life and stress often prevents us from being in tune with these elements of ourselves. No matter your intention for wearing them, waist beads are one more way to adorn and deepen your connection with yourself, and for that we say, YES! 

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