What to Pack for AfroChella 2019 (Accra, Ghana):

What to Pack for AfroChella 2019 (Accra, Ghana):

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1. Passport + Visa

These items, if anything, are the key essentials to get you from Point A to Point B and back. 

2. Shots/Vaccinations

You will need to make sure that you are properly vaccinated in order to avoid diseases such as: Yellow Fever, Malaria, Polio, and Hepatitis A and B. Here's a link to the required immunizations to travel to Ghana.

3. Bug Spray/Lotion
Keeping yourself protected will keep the bugs off of you! Cee Cee tested, Cee Cee approved.

4. Small Satchel/Bag
Keeping your belongings close will be key to avoid having your things at risk for being taken or compromised. Fanny packs are still on trend as well! Be wary about pulling all of your money out at once!

5. Light, airy Clothing
Bright clothing will reflect more sunlight, look great against your skin, and not show sweat stains as much! It can also help you find your friends in a crowd easily. Black clothing is cute, but absorbs more sunlight, thus making you feel a lot hotter than you have to. This tip also goes for what you choose to sleep in. 

6. Cee Cee’s Closet NYC Accessories!
Whether it be a headwrap or a pair of earrings this season, you can fit it all in one of our brand new straw bags from Ghana itself! And don't forget those waist-beads! Show off that yummy tummy!

7. Festival Fit!
Pick up some shorts, a see-through top with bell bottoms, or a head-to-toe Ankara outfit. Stay cute and feel even better. We are sure you will want to slay the crowds comfortably and fashionably!

8. Reusable Water Bottle
The heat in Ghana during December is not for the weak. Stay hydrated during the festival season with a CamelBak or a reusable water bottle like this one! Be wary of non-bottled water as well as ice, unless you want to chance having traveller’s diarrhea, or worse.

9. Power Adapter
Power outlets and adapters vary from country to country so investing in a universal one will be helpful for being able to charge all of your devices before starting your day.

10. Toiletries
Depending on how long and where you are staying, be sure to bring a couple washcloths, face towels, and regular towels for your hygienic needs. Make a list of everything that you need to stay hygienic and healthy!

11. Sustainable Snacks
CLIF Bars, Nature’s Bakery Bars, and KIND Bars are easy to pack and are sustainable for staying energized while on foot, in between meals, or right before the festival.

12. Electronic Backups
Portable chargers will become your best friend during your local and international travels! This top-rated one will come in handy when you lose the last bit of your battery while trying to call a friend or hail a ride. 

13. Malaria Pills
You’ll want to avoid becoming the friend that has to be sent to the hospital because of malaria. There are both weekly and daily pills to take in order to prevent you from catching malaria!

14. Black Girl Sunscreen
Sunscreen will be so important for keeping the harmful UV rays off of your skin. Choose moisturizers with SPF incorporated.

15. Portable Fan
Keep the sweat off your brow and heat off your face with a portable spray fan! 
If you have never traveled to Ghana, you will need a power If you’re a photographer

16. Earphones
Traveling on a plane without earphones is a no-go unless you prefer to read. Bring your wired headphones for the plane and wireless ones for on-the-go!

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